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May 30, 2012



Is the Merchandise Mart not a well-designed building? And isn't there the Franklin bridge that connects that area to the loop?

I'd love to see some development there if it means more surrounding green areas. Recently the parking lot at Wolf Point expanded cutting down the park area to just a walking path.

Richard Prouty

The Mart isn't a bad building. It's just not as graceful as other Chicago buildings from the 1920s and '30s. Actually, building at Wolf Point would reduce green space. I used to work in the Mart and the area west of it is kind of a dead space. All the traffic flows north/south on Franklin. Except for the East Bank Club and some condos, not much is going on around the site. If the developers are counting on foot traffic, they're not going get much. Considering how cramped the site is, a smaller scale project would be better. The proposed one seems greedy and indifferent to the actual setting.

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